FAO 620

  • An exceptionally high plant with numerous leaves, often even up to 12 leaves above the ear.
  • A reduced lignin content in corn plant significantly increases the digestibility of stored silage.
  • The ear husk is tight, releasing the moisture from the kernels very slowly and thus extends the optimum time for silage making.
  • It has a large ear with very large kernels with soft endosperm which is easily digested by animals.


  • It is intended exclusively for silage making from the entire plant.
  • The sowing density is from 65.000 to 70.000 plants/ha (on 20-22 cm in a row). The sowing density must be adjusted to the growing conditions.
  • Avoid sowing on sandy soils without irrigation.
  • Treat this hybrid as THE MOST IMPORTANT CROP on your farm.


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