FAO 600

  • AS 170 Silage belongs to the same type of leafy silage maize hybrids as  AS 160 Silage.
  • Producers will hard tell the difference between these two hybrids, since AS 170 Silage has kept all the unique characteristics of this type of silage corn hybrid.
  • However, AS 170 Silage flowers earlier in comparison with AS 160 silage, which will enable manufacturers to extend the optimum time for silage making by sowing both hybrids. With years of experience, producers know very well the meaning of even one day of advantage at silage making.
  • For high silage yields apply intensive agricultural technology. Particularly good results are obtained with irrigation.


  • The sowing density is from 65.000 to 70.000 plants/ha (on 20-22 cm in a row). The sowing density must be adjusted to the growing conditions.
  • Avoid sowing on sandy soils without irrigation.
  • Treat this hybrid as THE MOST IMPORTANT CROP on your farm.


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