AS 334

FAO 380

  • A firm stalk, strong roots, short plant and low ear insertion provide easy and fast harvest without a large quantity of crop residues. No lodged plants in the production.
  • The ear is always filled to the top with 16-18 rows of deep kernels, very thin corncob (below 14%) and loose corn husk at harvest time, which provides very fast moisture release in harvest. The kernel has characteristic red stripes on its sides.
  • The health condition of the plant and the ear is excellent, as well as the tolerance to stress conditions and the European corn borer.


  • For early production of dry kernels without artificial drying.
  • The recommended sowing density in good conditions is from 75.000 to 80.000 plants/ha, and in poorer conditions from 65.000 to 70.000 plants/ha.


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