AS 44

FAO 450


  • A generation of early hybrids which in diverse growing conditions maintains a fast moisture release from kernels, early harvest and high yield of dry kernels.
  • A hybrid with fast growth, which enables fast closing of rows and thus efficiently suppreses weeds. The ears are medium high inserted and have a very thin corncob. The ears are about 22 cm long with 16 rows of large, wide, healthy, dent type kernels. The stalk is thin, elastic and very resistant to lodging and breaking.


  • AS 44 is intended for intensive growing conditions,  for the harvest of kernels.
  • It requires soils with good quality and a high level of agricultural technology.
  • The optimum sowing density on good soils is from 70.000 plants/ha  (20 cm in a row).
  • On poorer soils this hybrid should be planted in lower plant population, but not below 65.000 plants/ha.


The recommended sowing density in poorer conditions is from 65.000 to 67.000 plants/ha, in optimal conditions from 68.000 to 70.000 plants/ha and under irrigation conditions is 72.000 plants/ha.


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