AS 702

FAO 660

  • Latest generation hybrid intended for record breaking yields. There is no dispersal of kernels during  harvesting, or later during storage.
  • Distuingished with lower, firm stalk with exeptionally strong and developed root. Therefore, there is no lodging and breaking of plants. Leaves are wide and dark green which gives a plant a pleasant appeal on the field. The hybrid has very solid resistance towards the corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) and also the ear diseases.
  • The ear is very long, positioned lower on the plant with 18-20 rows of kernel, which are firmly embedded into the corncob. Losses during the machine harvesting are minimal. Ear husk is loose, so moisture releasment is very good.
  • Very adaptive, and it will retain stability even in harsher conditions.


  • Recommended for growing in all agricultural conditions and optimal density should be 22 to 24 cm in row or 60.000 to 64.000 plants per hectare.
  • In dry regions and high sand content soils, density should be lowered, 25 to 27 cm in row, with fully deployed agrotechnology.


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