AS 73

FAO 700


  • The hybrid has a tall, firm stalk with very strong roots.
  • A large ear with 14-16 rows of deep, healthy and yellow dent kernels.
  • The picking is easy and clean and is performed by pickers, and the ear is well preserved in corn cribs.
  • No grain dispersal if the picking starts too late.


  • Suitable for all regions and producers who harvest and store corn in corn cribs.
  • The hybrid is intended for sowing on the poorest soils and in adverse production conditions.
  • The sowing density in these conditions is from 50.000 to 55.000 plants/ha (on 26-28 cm in a row).
  • The advantages of this hybrid are especially visible at densities lower than 50.000 plants/ha, when it forms very large ears.


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