After 10 years of successful, continuous work on corn breeding, this season ''AS Hibridi'' have already brought us the first hybrids of the new generation.
These hybrids  are designed with the aim to improve the corn production in the fields of our producers, along with already proven and well-known corn hybrids, such as AS 44, AS 54, AS 57, AS 507, AS 62, AS 63, AS 72, AS 160 Silage and AS 170 Silage.
The new hybrids were created by combining the classical breeding methods, modern techniques of the double haploid system and SNP genetic markers, which significantly accellerated the breeding process and increased its efficacy and precision at the same time.
The double haploid system has been developed in collaboration with eminent South American companies with the simultaneous use of three generations during one year. The SNP marker system has been developed in collaboration with eminent world molecular laboratories.
''AS Hibridi'' is the only breeding company in this region that has managed to, by applying these new breeding techniques of double haploid system and SNP genetic markets, bring a commercial product – new generation hybrids that come to your fields.
Aside from the combined application of classical and new breeding methods, the new generation hybrids are created and selected through a new, superior system of testing experimental hybrids developed by ''AS Hibridi''.
This new system of testing involves testing of hybrids in micro trials with multiple replications in very different environmental conditions or localities. We choose localities where new experimental hybrids can be exposed to various stressful factors which are present or can appear in the near of far future.

The tests were carried out starting from the locality in North America, where we can examine a full genetic yield potential and resistance to many diseases, then through the locality in North Italy, where we can test the resistance to European corn borer, and on the localities in South-Eastern Romania and Turkey, where hybrids are tested on the influence of high temperatures and drought. Of course, the hybrids are tested on a large number of localities, on all soil types and in various conditions of agricultural engineering
The data and trial results gathered from all these tests are statistically processed in a special computer program called ''Prizm''.
The hybrids that have undergone this testing system are the hybrids that have an exceptional tolerance to various stressful conditions and a high yield stability.
It is a guarantee of a safe, profitable and high production in all production years. All new generation hybrids have already been registered or are in the registration process in various EU countries, which again shows a high value of these hybrids.
AS 334, AS 534, AS 5M11 and AS 603 are the hybrids with an excellent yield, earlier flowering, a good moisture release and a good stress tolerance, while AS 144S is a new early leafy silage hybrid with superior silage characteristics.


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