AS 507

FAO 570


  • A medium early hybrid which is very adaptable to different densities and growing conditions.
  • This hybrid has a medium tall plant and a very firm stalk with 18 rows of large kernels. It is characterized by the moderate rate of  moisture release from the grain, which makes it very suitable for the harvest of the ear.


  • Due to its adaptability, it is suitable for different growing conditions.
  • Because of its large ears, clean and easy mechanical picking, it will primarly find its place with the farmers who perform harvest in ears. 
  • Hybrid has very pronounced tolerance to the European corn borer and also to all ear diseases, which makes it suitable for prolonged storage. Plant habitus is maintained up to the late autumn.


The recommended sowing density in poorer conditions is from 54.000 to 57.000 plants/ha, in optimal conditions from 61.000 to 64.000 plants/ha and under irrigation conditions from 68.000 to 71.000 plants/ha.


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