AS 62

FAO 600


  • A fast early growth, a good harvest index, a small quantity of crop residues after harvest that can be easily plowed.
  • The ear is about 25 cm with 16-18 rows (sometimes even 20) of large, healthy, yellow-orange dent kernels.
  • One of the earliest hybrids of FAO 600 group; it releases moisture from the kernels rapidly in consideration to its maturity group!
  • A high protein content (up to 12%) in kernels, which makes it one of the most suitable hybrids for cattle and poltry feed.


  • The hybrid intended for the harvest of kernels. It should be sown on high quality soils and with the use of intensive agricultural technology in order to achieve maximum yields.
  • The sowing density must be adjusted to the growing conditions. On better soils sow more densely and on the poorer ones sow less densely.


The recommended sowing density in poorer conditions is from 54.000 to 57.000 plants/ha, in optimal conditions from 58.000 to 62.000 plants/ha and under irrigation conditions is 65.000 plants/ha.


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