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AS hibridi breeding house was established in 2004 under the name Prinosmaks, as a part of the company Chemical Agrosava with its primary goal to breed new, better corn hybrids. In 2011, the name of the company changed into AS hibridi, due to the increasing popularity of the brand.
Brand AS hibridi was created with the idea to bring new quality on the market of Serbia and the region. Behind the creation of our hybrids, there is a hard-working breeding team made of three PhD corn breeders and a large number of agricultural engineers and technicians.
The breeding team is equipped with modern machines for wide and intensive testing of new hybrid combinations in all agro-ecological conditions in Serbia and in neighboring countries.

AS corn hybrids are foremost known for its yield stability in all conditions, especially for the absence of barren plants and the ear uniformity. This is testified by the achieved trial results and farmers' satisfaction with the high yields. In extreme and unfavourable conditions, we achieved economically justifiable results. In good and favorable conditions, our hybrids achieved exceptional results and record yields. If you look at yield potential, AS hibridi are in line with the world's leading seed companies, but when it comes to yield stability, they are well ahead!
AS corn hybrids are the key for safe and stable corn production. For even better results, it is recommended to sow several hybrids of different FAO groups, although, generally speaking, later-maturing hybrids have better yield potential, which is more evident in dry years.

In addition to excellent hybrids intended for kernel production, we are well-known and recognizable for our silage hybrids solely intended for the production of high-quality silage for beef cattle feed. Leafy AS silage hybrids are a unique product in our market, both in terms of yield and in terms of silage composition and quality.
AS hibridi are exported into the following countries: Hungary, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, BiH, Greece, FYROM, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Iran, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Georgia, Albania etc. There is a great interest in our hybrids and export to the mentioned countries is growing year after year, along with our efforts to enter new markets.
All the hybrids being exported are registered in the EU and they meet the quality and standards prescribed in the Member States.
Aside from corn hybrids, we have recently started a wheat selection and breeding program. Under the brand name AS hibridi, Chemical Agrosava distributes well-known German wheat and oilseed rape varieties.

In addition to all previously mentioned, we organize seed production, processing, packaging and distribution of all agricultural species for both domestic and foreign partners.


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